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Surya means (The Sun) and Namaskar means (Respect). which means we give respect and worship of god Surya Dev. Surya namaskar is a 12 poses (asana) combination exercise . it is not just a exercise .it is very strong from of exercise . which is work on cardiovascular, full body strength, and also your mind. its help in weightloss and manage blood circulation in body. if you do practicing daily then its help to balancing all three type of body Kapha , pitta, vata . it is lead to live your life greatfull . and people do this form of exercise as a warm up .it is quick and super effected cardio but make sure you do right posture . if you do this form of exercise in the morning when sun rise then this directly connected the body and sun . most of the yogics do this kriya daily as a routine .it has a 12 poses. which means its work on your whole body tip to toe. its really helpfull for weightloss. maintain body flexibility , strength . follow this form exercise and keep your health well.

3 FORM of Surya Namaskar

1- Ashtanga (Surya Namaskar)

2-Hatha (Surya Namaskar)

3-Iyenger (Surya Namaskar)

12 Poses (asana) and Benefits.

Ashtanga form of Surya Namskar


Start with standing straight frond of mat. feet together and close your eyes. then join your palm in pranam pose.

Benefits-this asana help to maintain balance in your body. and keep you calm.

2-Raised arms pose (Hasta Uttanasna)

Hasta Uttanasna starting by inhaling deeply. and raise your hand up to head .stretching your hand then push your pelvic forward. look up and then breath out.

Benefits-stretch whole body tip to toe.

It help to tone your muscels .

3-Hand to foot pose (Hasta Padasana)

Hasta padasana start rom exhale and bend down to knee. as you reach down keep your spine long. and as you come down keep your hand on floor and hold for a 10 sec .

Benefits-its help to make your spine flexible and open legs muscels .


4-Equestrian pose (Ashwa Sanchalanasna)

Ashwa Sanchalanasna starting put right leg back and knee down . at the same time bend the left knee . make sure your left knee and feet shoud be align eachother. then put both finger tips to the floor and genterlly roll your shoulder back.

Benefits-its help to strengthening leg muscles and spine. and also improve digustion system and constipation.


5-Mountain Pose (Parvatasana)

Mountain pose start by exhalation with controlling both palm onto the floor. and stepping a left foot beside a right feet . then hips up face shoudl be facing both feet and keep balancing . and make sure you engaging your core also and knee should be straigth.

Benefits-its help to calm your mind and improve your body posture.

6-Ashtanga Namaskara

As you exhale coming down to your knee. hand should be just align in one straigth line then sligtly go down in knee pushup position. when your whole body in on control then touch the floor through the chest.

Benefits- inhance your flexibility and strengthen body muscles.

7-Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Cobra Pose starting from where ashtanga Namaskara asana ended. keep your hand where they are deeply inhale and slowly chest up . then bend your neck and shoulder slowly lookup .

Benefits- increase shoulder and hand strength . improve neck rotation and back muscles.

8- Mountain Pose (Parvatasna)

Exhale and tuck your toe into the mountain pose (same as NO-5 pose).  posture should be inverted V posing. then hold for a few minute in same position keep hold stretch spine feel flexibility . feeling stretch in hands .then up your hips towards the sky.

Benefits- impact your shoulders, arms, spine, legs and also knee . inhance strength and make flexible.


9-Equestrion pose (Ashwa Sanchalanasna)

Ashwa Sanchalasana posture will be same as (Asana No-4) but there are little changing. if your puting back your left leg in first pose. then you should put front left leg front and right leg back.just oposite form as 1st form.

Benefits-its help to tone leg muscles and also help to open your hips, thigh muscles make you more flexible.

10-Hand to Foot pose (Hasta Padasana)

Take deep breath and stand in one streight line foot should be together .bend your spine to the knee. once you reach to knee then put your palm on the floor. (same as pose No-3) stay for few secound in same posture .

Benefits-Its make you feel strengthing in leg and spine also. help in anxiety and stress.

11-Raised Arms pose(Hasta Uttanasna)

After ended Hasta padasana Pose .slowly come up .hand should be facing up and roll your back slightly (Same As Pose No- 2) and take deep breath.

Benefits-balancing. hands stretch and relax your back.

12-Prayer Pose(Pranamasna)

Stand in front of mat in Namaskar asana . join palm and close your eyes and take deep breath .

Benefits- Balance your body . also improve your body posture. make you feel relax and calm.

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